Web Apps

Below are links to stuff I’ve written in the past using HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and other web technologies. They are proof-of-concept web apps that you may find useful in your own projects.

BeautyExplosion an art project
Bouncing Balls Simple app to show bouncing balls on the screen.
Bouncing Boxes Simple app to show bouncing boxes on the screen.
Bouncing Words Simple app to show bouncing words on the screen.
CanvasCurve Draws random lines in an HTML5 canvas.
Chinese Pinyin Table Table of all Pinyin combinations.
Coinbase Chart Coinbase chart
dfxp2srt Netflix DFXP to SRT Converter
Drag&DropPages resort, delete, and rotate individual pages.. useful in a DMS
DroppableLabels compile text in the text fields by typing or dragging and dropping the keyword labels
Eggio Simple 2D platformer game written in Javascript
FaceHole version 1.0 of replacetheface.com
FBVidDL facebook video downloader
GraphicalTree View tree dumps saved from Morphsoft GraphicalTree
LRC.Player A lyrics audio player that works with LRC files.
mysqlListAll lists all data a mysql database for quick inspection
myTV TVB DL mytv.tvb.com
myTV TVB Live mytv.tvb.com/live
NGA.Player Uses Web Audio API to draw a spectrum and waveform for a sample audio file.
OverlayMap highlights areas of a map
PartOfMeFontTest a simple test of the new CSS3 @font-face rule
PCF Viewer view Pixel Coordination Format (PCF) images
Trash Catcher catch the trash falling from the sky


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