AutoRice – automatic Freerice cheat script

To start, is a great way to give back to the less fortunate and at the same time brush up on your math and language skills, among other subjects. The information on this post is for educational purposes only. As stated in their FAQ [], it wouldn’t work in terms of giving:

Couldn’t I just write a computer program to play all day and give a lot of rice that way?
There are two problems with this. First, it overloads our servers so that real people can’t play and learn. Second, without real people playing and the resulting company sponsorship, no money would be generated and we could not give any rice at all.

First, click on SUBJECTS at the top of, and click on Multiplication Table under the MATH category.

Next, open up your browser’s developer tool’s console or equivalent where JavaScript can be entered and ran. Paste in the following line and hit Enter:

Unhide Code

Or, you can paste the following line onto the address bar (while still on Freerice) and hit Enter:

Unhide Code

(Google Chrome strips off the javascript: but it is needed.)

The 3000 is the number of milliseconds the code will wait in between submitting answers. You can change this to be faster or slower depending on your Internet connection. If it is too fast, Freerice will stop adding rice to your total and will show a rice_block message.

Here is a screenshot when it was at 15,560:

At 130,460:

Finally decided to stop at 217,080:

15 thoughts on “AutoRice – automatic Freerice cheat script

    1. Ed Post author

      It would depend on your Internet connection and the delay you set in between submissions. Each correct answer gives 10 grains, so 100,000 grains would need 10,000 answers. If it takes about 5 seconds per correct submission, it would take 50,000 seconds = 13.888 hours.

      1. Chris

        Clicking on unhide led to not being able to find the page.

        Although I was able to find the code through my history, so that’s something.

  1. Joseph

    btw if your having trouble on chrome run Javascript console instead of dev tools and enter the code and it works


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